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Share your projects with a large number of producers, simply and for free.


Monitor in real time the interest your projects generate.
Share directly with interested producers.


Interact with the other screenwriters, share, find co-authors.
Follow industry news, meetings, festivals, calls for submissions.


Your project is safe —the website is fully encrypted— and its presentation page is accessible only to producers with a verified identity.


Powerful features

All of the platform's content is clearly sorted into three distinct sections. Quickly access all the projects you're working on. Find the profiles of new exciting collaborators in the directory. Contact them directly through the integrated messaging app.


Your project in its best light

Your projects have each their own page, complete with all the information the producers need: title, logline, format & genre, a summary and an author's word. Your presentation can even include an extract of your project so that your readers can get a preview of your work.

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Keep control

All users that gain access to the platform have their identity verified. Only producers and organisations can see project pages. To access your complete project and read the attached documents, producers must first send you a request: you decide who reads your works.


Track your project

Thanks to detailed statistics you have a live snapshot of your projects. Track the number of views for your projects and profile page. Discover which producers have downloaded your project or have it in their favourites. Bid goodbye to the endless waiting and opacity, you'll know instantly if your project has been viewed.

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Keep your freedom

Paper to Film is completely free for screenwriters. Joining the platform isn't restrictive (there is no exclusivity required) and since we don't oversee the sale, we don't take any commissions. You can keep on promoting your projets while your projects are showcased on Paper to Film.

Paper to Film also includes


A personalised CV, allowing you to present your artistic convictions et your previous work.


Discover new authors and extend your network. Find new collaborators. Access the listings of producers, agents and organisations present on the platform.

Integrated messaging app

Connect directly with interested producers and fellow authors to create tomorrow's projects. All your exchanges are encrypted: your communications stay confidential.

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Paper to Film is a platform created by and for professionals of the film and audiovisual industries. Access a tool designed to fit your needs.
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How to submit a project?

Ahead of the launch of the international version of PtF, you can already submit your English-language projects.

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Registering your script

At Paper to Film we take copyright claims very seriously. Even if we offer a secured solution and monitor every interaction, you shouldn't overlook the crucial step of registering your script with your country's appropriate institution (such as the WGA script registration service in the USA or the BECTU's Script Registration Service in the UK).
We accept all submissions, registered or not, but we strongly advise our users to first register their creations.


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