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Selected projects.
Professional readers.


All the relevant information available in one location.
Complete profiles for screenwriters and relevant updates.


Tap a large network of talent.
Discover new talent.
Contact directly both screenwriters and their agents.


Powerful features

All of the platform's content is clearly sorted into three distinct sections. Quickly access all the projects you're working on. Find the profiles of new exciting collaborators in the directory. Contact them directly through the integrated messaging app.


A tailor made tool

All the projects on the platform have been carefully selected. You only have to pick the search criteria that best match your artistic vision. Quickly find projects that fit your style and stay on top of new releases.

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Browse our catalog freely

All verified producers have unlimited access to all the project presentation pages. To dive into a project that caught your attention simply request the author to grant you access to the full project. The most interesting projects, one click away.


Discover new talent

Once connected you have access to all of Paper to Film users' profiles. Search through the screenwriters by their formats or genres of choice and check their filmographies and CVs. Browse the lists of agents, producers and organisations present on the platform. It's up to you to pick your next collaborator.

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Paper to Film also includes

Specialised search engine

Filter the projects that interest you by genre, format, title or author. Combine search criteria for even more precise results.

A transparent process

Once a project has been optioned, the author, their agent and you take back control. There are no hidden fees, commissions, or intervention in negotiations. You only pay your monthly fee.

Integrated messaging app

Connect directly with screenwriters and their agents to create tomorrow's projects. All your exchanges are encrypted: your communications stay confidential.

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