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Your work is recognised and valued.
Your brand becomes a quality label.


digital monitoring of your screenwriters.
Detailed statistics for your talents and their projects.


Access our full network of producers, agents and screenwriters.
Discover new talent.
Contact directly screenwriters, agents and producers.


Powerful features

All of the platform's content is clearly sorted into three distinct sections. Quickly access all the projects you're working on. Find the profiles of new exciting collaborators in the directory. Contact them directly through the integrated messaging app.


Your work: valued

As part of your work, you select projects and screenwriters, either for residencies, workshops or school courses. With Paper to Film, your work is recognised and valued: the projects and screenwriters you have identified are branded with your colours. Your organisation becomes a guarantee of quality, a valued search criterion for producers.


Widen your network

Once connected your organisation is automatically listed and identified in our directory and you have access to all of Paper to Film's user profiles. Improve your screenwriters' visibility by labelling their profiles. Discover new talent to groom.

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The clarity of numbers

All the important information about your talents' projects at your fingertips. Who saw it, who added it to their favourites and -most importantly- who downloaded it. Find the main statistics related to your talents right on your dashboard and all the detailed breakdowns on each talent's and project's page.

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Paper to Film also includes

Powerful search engine

Your organisation becomes a search filter, allowing producers to quickly find the screenwriters and projects you have selected.

A transparent process

Once a project has been optioned, the author, agent and producer take over. Get feedback from your projects until production begins.

Integrated messaging app

Connect directly with all the platform's users. All your exchanges are encrypted: your communications stay confidential.

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